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resolving complexities multipartially

We Offer a Multipartial Approach (online or in person) to reaching satisfactory resolutions to a range of issues including:

Intervention Consulting

• Solutions Architecture
• Organization Setback
• Ignorance Bottleneck
• Mess & Complexity
• Non-profit/Community Dissonance
• Stakeholder Conflict

Dispute Resolution / Multipartial Mediation

• Stakeholder/Management Conflict
• Commercial/Business Dispute
• Loan (Mortgage) Modification
• Personal and Partnership Disagreement
• Family and Estate Discord
• Post Event Reconciliation/Restorative Justice


Processing mediation the multipartial way defines the way we approach conflicts among stakeholders with diverse interests. Gerszon Associates ImageMultipartiality is distinct from neutrality and impartiality. It is not a matter of treating everyone the same but of respecting difference in a process that enfranchises all parties to a dispute. Every party to the conflict has a point of view; a story to tell! When someone understands that they're being heard with respect and when each party understands that they have been heard, then progress toward a workable and sustainable outcome becomes possible.

We employ multipartiality when we contribute as intervention consultants and engage in process management efforts. Disputes and dysfunction remedial efforts are grounded in unearthing the roots of conflict and understanding how they affect everyone involved. Multipartiality is results-oriented, and collaborative; the goal is to engage all the relevant stakeholders in networking the integrity of an organization and evolving solutions that, often, no one party could envision.

As much as anything multipartial intervention/mediation realizes its goal by transgressing ignorance so that each party learns; creating a transparent knowledge. Our goal is to arrive at solutions to conflict that are owned by all parties. Such authentic outcomes have a much greater likelihood of being naturally sustainable and of increasing resilience, both at the individual and organization levels, going forward.

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