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Multipartial Mediation | Conflict Transformation

As an alternative to litigation, a mediation process engages a multipartial (unaligned), independent intermediary, the mediator, to help the parties to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement of their dispute. Settlements are recorded and committed to by way of an enforceable contract. Its principal features are:

Mediation is an interest-based and not position-based process

Mediation is a practice controlled by the parties seeking resolution and is binding only by the agreement committed to by both parties

Mediation is a confidential process

Mediation is cost-effective and efficient compared to litigation

Our approach to mediation engages the principle of multipartiality as distinct from neutrality. Neutrality often makes us accomplices to the dispute whereas giving each side a hearing provides a foundation on which disputants can build a lasting agreement to move forward.

We engage the parties to tell their own stories and views in such a way as to enable these perspectives to be understood by everyone involved in the mediation process. Instead of creating an atmosphere of disengaged neutrality, we endeavor to get the various truths out there for all to witness and appreciate. Without this transparency, it is not possible for the parties to work together, to collaboratively address the problems and arrive at solutions that are mutually agreed-to and enforceable.

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