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resolving complexities multipartially

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Intervention Consulting & Salvage*

Our Multipartial Approach to Intervention Consulting

We provide management and other stakeholders remedial interventions attuned to  business and organizations in disarray, * salvage/rescue or turnaround situations; that find themselves in the midst of difficult crucial transitions.

Management consultancies typically adopt a lengthy process of analysis, interviews and reporting that can take months to deliver remedial plans.

If trouble/disarray  is anticipated or foreseen, employing our multipartial methodology will enable the construction and implementation of a proactive approach to head off trouble before it gets entrenched.

If trouble/disarray is already entrenched, time is critical. Immediate triage is needed! We identify and focus on the broken elements of the business; a rapid short-term containment is put into place alongside a strategic program that delivers tangible, visible results moving remedy and recovery forward.

Intervention Consulting does what its name implies: it intervenes; immediately at board and operating levels, and delivering rapid and pragmatic fixes that affect the company's product/service deliverables and the behavior of an often embattled staff.

Time is of the essence! Other resources are also at risk. Personnel, market presence, contract deliverables are challenged; possibly the life of the organization and with it the futures of all stakeholders, workers included. Hence our rapid engagement with the broken elements and dysfunctional relations is targeted at effecting a triage. Not simply to stop the hemorrhage but also to implement a range of pragmatic fixes for immediate impact. In short, to sort out the mess!

Our practice helps staff understand what is happening, works collaboratively with them to identify and plan change, and then engages with them to enact that change with short-term action and for long-term results. As with any of our interventions or rescue/salvage efforts we immediately immerse ourselves in the culture and operations of the client enterprise organization. Because sometimes the situation or organization needs to be rescued from itself. That's where a Multipartial approach works best.

Multipartial intervention defines a pragmatic, collaborative methodology increasing the likelihood of achieving a long lasting remedy the like of which any organization would be proud.