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About Us

Samuel Gerszonowicz WMAC
Founder and Director

For more than thirty years I've contributed professionally to the affairs of organizations and people operating in a range of industries including:

Gerszon Associates Image finance; debt and equity finance, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, public and private company analysis, life insurance, corporate compensation, stakeholder relations

science and technology; healthcare IT applications, automated remote drug dispensing, surgical suite real-time conferencing and data retrieval, robotic surgery, light-activated drug therapies, biotechnology, medical devices,intellectual property

manufacturing; OEM downstream completion work including electrostatic dry powder painting for the auto sector, consumer durables, water purification equipment,

consumer goods; wholesale and retail,

not-for-profit organizations, stakeholder relations

  community; disadvantaged persons & the workplace, multicultural relations, condominium

Throughout my professional career I've facilitated resolving corporate stakeholder disputes, mediating conflicts among investors, board, operational personnel, and scientific vested interests.  I began my professional life as a workout and corporate salvage specialist during the economic tumult at the turn of the 1980s. I've extensive experience in attending to stakeholder interests, advising corporate management and facilitating finance in Canada and the U.S. that includes directing unit operations and corporate finance, leveraged buyouts, distress workouts, corporate reorganizations, and resolving conflicts occurring throughout the life of organizations

Sam Gerszonowicz PhotoMultipartiality, rooted in conflict transformation and peace-building  practices can play a decisive role in resolving disputes, bringing clarity to organizational clutter, salvaging an enterprise, refocusing stakeholder energies and reconditioning ignorance within an operational cohort.

This multipartial approach to resolving conflict is one that I favor and employ in all my work; mediating conflict as well as intervention consulting, in the corporate as well as the not-for-profit world.

I'm a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution and the World Peace Through Law sections of the Washington State Bar Association and a certified mediator member of the Washington Mediation Association. I trained at the University of Washington Law School Mediation Training Workshop and certified as a mediator through the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution (PCCDR) in Washington State, and with the Washington Mediation Association, I've also certified as a foreclosure loan mediator through the Washington State Department of Commerce. I read Economics (Systems Theory) and Genetics (Epidemiology) at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have held various designations including Canadian and United States Securities licenses (CIM, Series 7 and 63). 

The following is a short list of companies and organizations with which I've worked over the years.

Anti-Racism Committee, City of London

Atlantic Technologies

Beaconsfield Group

Brenner Securities

Center for Climate Change Communications

Digital Union

DUSA Pharmaceuticals


Flagstone Securities

 Federal Executive Board

 Free University North

Hay (Canada) Associates

King County Center For Dispute Resolution

MacDougall Macdougall and MacTier

Mount Nansen Mines


Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution

Renton Highlands District Court, King County, Washington

Quadra Logic (QLT)

United Church of Canada effort to reintegrate ex-offenders (Saleco)

Womanpower Inc.

Washington State Department of Commerce

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